Behind the times?

As the winds of technology change sweep through labour markets, re-shaping how we communicate, hire and do business with one another; one industry seems strangely resistant. I am of course talking about the legal market and, more specifically, litigation support.

Here in London, working in eDiscovery is often still a labour intensive job, as teams of document reviewers beaver away trawling through vast volumes of data, reporting back to several project managers, team leaders and counsel. And that is all before vendor and technical support is brought into the equation.

In our experience, Technology Assisted Review (or “TAR”) has barely scratched the surface of our industry and is certainly yet to revolutionise it in a way that many were predicting it would a few years ago. Perhaps TAR is still too complex a subject matter or too big a leap from current industry norms; or maybe it is mere inertia and a fear of the unknown. Whatever it may be, for the time being, the era of lawyers reviewing documents en masse remains with us.

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